Nexus Pheromones are Super Concentrated

Ever wonder why some men who look nowhere near as good as Ryan Seacrest attract ladies by the dozen? Research shows that the answer probably lies in pheromones – the chemicals that animals produce to alter the behavior of another animal. That is merely nature’s way of guiding animals – humans included – to find mates. Now, with the aid of science, anyone can make use of pheromones that can trigger sexual attraction. Formulations specifically developed for that purpose abound, and one particular name that is gaining quite a following is Nexus Pheromone. Learn more at

About Human Pheromone Spray

There are plenty of reasons why men should still be interested in this product past the cheesy sales pitches and photographs, the most important of these being the double strength formula, competitive price, and great reviews. In addition to this, there are few concerns with the product – the biggest being how long it lasts and the labeling on the bottle – and there is no risk in trying it because of the guarantee and the lack of side effects. In short, the verdict of this Nexus Pheromone review is that the worst-case scenario is that the bottle makes no difference, and you get your money back and the best-case scenario… well, that is up to your imagination.

What do people think of these pheromones?

All this scientific talk is pretty encouraging for anybody looking forward to purchasing a bottle of these pheromones. The only problem is that the official pages show no sign of a customer Nexus Pheromones review. There are the media endorsements – including a video clip from ABC – but no testimonials from real users. Thankfully, there are blogs and reviews across the net from people that have “field tested” it and they are well worth reading before buying. A summary of their views would be that it has a great impact on their sex lives, and the chemicals were clearly active after the initial smell had gone; however, there is also the idea that you get what you pay for. Nexus is a fair priced bottle given the science and positive results, although it could perhaps last longer and have the power of competitors.


Customers can get this single bottle for just $49.95 but there are two larger packages for the more desperate or adventurous buyers. The “deluxe” – at $99.85 – essentially gives you three bottles for the price of two and there is a free e-book and shipping thrown in for good measure. The “ultimate” is a lot more expensive, priced at $199.95, but it does offer four bottles with two free, the same free e-book and shipping and a box of VigRX – probably in case the spray works incredibly well, and you need a little more help with the sudden advances of all those beautiful, interesting women. Additionally, the purchase comes with discreet shipping and billing and, like all the best products of this nature. It comes with a money-back guarantee, this time with the seemingly random total of 67 days.