Charter Bus Rental NYC

Charter Bus Rental NYC

Charter Bus Rental NYC
Now, you don’t always have to travel to an exotic location or a faraway place in order to have a mini-vacation. You can always opt for a charter bus service while traveling in NYC. There are many different reasons that your group may desire to rent a coach bus for transportation. New York City like other big cities you will there are several of charter bus rentals. Therefore, you should take some time out to weigh your options and see what kind of buses would work best for you given your budget and preferences. Apart from vacationing, there can be plenty of other reasons as to why you might require a charter bus rental service in NYC. For instance, a motorcoach bus could be used for transportation of a large number of clients, passengers or guests from hotels, weddings, executive corporate events or even the airport or cruise ship transfers. We do recommend when traveling to and from an airport to arrange in advance ground transportation by making a reservation early. One of the most popular motorcoach charters is for a sightseeing tour in New Jersey (NJ), NYC, Brooklyn, Atlantic City, Newark, Staten Island or another destination. There are many different tours to take and attractions to visit in the tri-state area. Personally my favorite attraction is the Statue of Liberty which is not accessible by a motorcoach bus.

Wedding Bus Solution

Planning a weddi1ng event  is a difficult task. Usually the services and the reception are not in the same location or even zip code. In this case you may want to rent or hire the a limo to help in the shuttling of your guests to the party. You can usually negotiate special custom packages that will fit your needs. There will be a selection of coaches available so pick all the options you desire for your special day.

Finding the perfect charter bus rental in the NYC is definitely not an easy task. The prices are going to vary from one NYC agency to another, therefore what you need to look for is a charter bus rental company that offers state-of-the-art facilities. This will ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained.  Also inquire about discounts if you are a senior, non-profit organization or charitable group this will help you receive the best price available. Have your itinerary ready along with what destinations you will be visiting when you call about a quote.  The more information a charter bus company has the better they will be able to quote you a rate.  Some of the

If you are going for a charter bus rental NYC for a long trip then you should be prepared to pay an extra amount because the agency would provide you with two drivers since it would be impossible for one driver to cover the entire length of the trip alone without proper rest. A Charter bus is a luxurious means of traveling. Thus, if you want to have a comfortable transportation option and you don’t mind paying a bit extra for it then a luxurious charter bus would prove to be a better option than a plain yellow school bus

There are a lot of companies in New York that offer charter services for the public. You can save a little money if you negotiate a price. A majority of these companies are highly professional and experienced and they provide high quality charter services. If you have a small group then a charter car would be a cheaper option than a charter bus; however, if the number of people in the group exceeds ten then there is no point in hiring several charter cars, in this case it would be better to opt for a charter bus rental NYC. Such rental services are generally used by universities and schools in order to take their students on excursions, field trips, symposiums, exhibitions and so on.

Apart from schools, sports teams and corporate organizations also make use of charter bus rental services for their athletes and employees. These buses come with reclining seats and adequate leg room. Some of the luxury buses would also have a television at the center of the bus’ interiors. These buses are quite complete in the sense that they feature restrooms, internet facilities and even power outlets. Therefore the money that you invest in order to hire such charter buses would be a good investment.

If you are going to be traveling with an extremely large group of people then you should opt for the double decker rental instead of the conventional charter bus. Going for charter bus rental NYC is a wise move because everybody in the group can travel together in a comfortable manner and there is not much of a pocket pinch involved too!

Amenities in Luxury Motorcoach Buses

charter bus nyc
If the transportation of your friends, clients or guest is very important for productivity, then you need to consider a charter bus with excellent amenities. This will help create an environment full of comfort and entertainment. The goal of most corporate businesses to have the travel time on a motorcoach to be a productive one. Keep in mind that different bus companies feature different charter bus rental options. Many come equipped with a television, dvd player, music and even internet wifi. Make sure that the amenities you are looking for are present before you hire a charter bus service company. Charter buses can be used for long or short distances. Many motorcoach buses will travel nationwide for a price. The next time you are thinking of transporting your employees you may want to check into a charter bus rental. You may be surprised with the comfort and technology these kinds of buses have to offer. Below are a few of the popular options that are found in most charter bus rentals:

Comfortable seating is very essential when it comes to transportation. A good charter bus rental are able to provide your employees with comfortable seats that are just as comfortable when compared to the seats in their office, maybe even more comfortable. When your friends are seated comfortably, productivity will increase. Furthermore, meetings go a lot easier and smoother if the participants are seated comfortably. Make sure you pick a charter bus that features well-maintained fleet of buses. Even if you pay more for the quality, you will most likely get it back because of the increased productivity.


If your employee is being transported by land with a vehicle that has no lavatory, there are two results will arise: frequent stops or uncomfortable passengers. In most instances when it comes to company travels, the time schedule is usually tight. Because of this, frequent stops are not only a huge inconvenience but may also put your whole time schedule in jeopardy. On the other hand, if the bus driver is instructed not to take frequents stops, then it will most likely result in an extremely unpleasant working atmosphere. As a result, this may seriously damage the motivation of your and may create negative feeling towards the company. Thankfully, most charter bus offer clean, comfortable and roomy restrooms within them.

Air Conditioning

A good charter bus will feature air conditioning, and this feature is essential for a number of reasons. One obvious need for air conditioning is increased comfort and keeping everyone cool. Warm or hot conditions will result in being sweaty, which makes the employee uneasy and uncomfortable. Furthermore, all of the sweating may destroy the business-like persona of your group, which is something you would like to avoid for your company. Keep in mind that wherever you are traveling, you are representing your company. You would want them to carry a professional, clean and cool look, and a charter bus with air conditioning can greatly help in accomplishing that.


In the information age, a productive business working environment is not possible if the staff is not connected to the internet. There are instances that you may need to transport your staff from one location to another. If you want productivity to continue during the travel time, then you will have to provide internet access for your staff. Fortunately, good charter bus rental companies offer buses that have a built-in WiFi feature in them. With this feature, company operations, such as making connections, making last-minute changes and sending emails to name a few, can continue even if the staff are on the road traveling.


Making your staff work around the clock with no relaxation can burn them out. This can decrease the staff’s morale and may produce an irritable working environment. This is why providing entertainment on the bus is essential for your staff. A good charter bus company offers great entertainment options in their buses with huge television screens that come with excellent sound quality, and are able to play music and videos in varying formats.

Charter Bus Safety

Most companies only employ experienced coach bus drivers that are certified to drive a motorcoaches, mini shuttles, vans or limos. Those drivers are also trained on the latest emergency procedures to make sure you arrive at your destination safely. Our charter bus / Motorcoach drivers are polite, courteous, experienced and capable.

Our dispatchers are on-call 24 hours a day to insure our clients are completely satisfied. We aim to provide un
Should anything go wrong we can make arrangements dispatch another motorcoach bus, minibus, shuttle, van or limousine to your location quickly.

On long trips two bus drivers are provided to prevent fatigue. There are state and federal laws that regulate the amount of hours that a charter bus driver can be on the road. This is where 2 drivers help make the trip fast and safe.

There are many different Charter bus companies to choose from but our dedicated team and partners pride ourselves on customer service. Every passenger is important to us. Our representatives will take great care to assist our you in the whole process. Our diverse fleet will give you many options to choose from including a minibus, motor coach, mini van, limo and specialty cars.

Currently we are the leading provider of charter bus services in the New Jersey (NJ), New York City and Connecticut (CT) areas.  From those areas we will travel anywhere including Baltimore, Washington DC, Florida (FL) or even California. We strive to offer most affordable and discounted rates on our whole fleet. Once you take a ride in one of our luxurious limousines you will never make a reservation anywhere else. Before chartering your next bus look at our thousands of our satisfied customers.

Things that affect the cost of a Motor Coach Bus

The biggest thing that could affect the cost of your bus service is the price of fuel.  Being a large vehicle it will utilize far more gas than a car, minibus or limousine.  If you are traveling a long distance the miles driven will be taken into account for your quote. Other things to take into consideration are tolls.  When you travel from NJ to NYC there will be costly tolls that will need to be paid for crossing bridges or traveling on the turnpike which is a toll road. Finally if there is a fee for parking your bus at your destination that will be your responsibility.